Flamenco baroque

RAFAEL BONAVITA BAROQUE GUITAR & LEONOR LEAL DANCE feature powerful Spanish music and dance. Colorful rhythms and exciting melodies to enjoy with the eyes and ears. Emotions that catch the senses when Flamenco meets Baroque.

Press photos

Photos: Margarida Araújo

Live Video

Stage Plot & Tech Rider

Depending on the location, the concert can be 100% acoustic (no need for P.A.). 
In case of a need for amplification, these are the technical requirements for FLAMENCO BARROCO:

Condenser Mic (small capsule)
1 Dynamic mic
Wooden platform for tap dancing
2 Armless Chair
Stage Light

If not on the road already.
Mrs. Leal flies from Sevilla and Mr. Bonavita flies from Barcelona.
Get in touch to budget an event. 
We take pride in being two nice, flexible, and easy-to-work artists.