You have the option to book a solo recital by Rafael Bonavita.
These can be related to any of the following instruments:

- Baroque Guitar
- Theorbo
- Baroque Lute
- Archlute
- Vihuela
- Renaissance Lute
- Renaissance Guitar
- Classical Guitar

These solo performances aim to showcase the beauty and variety of the guitar and lute family's repertoire. 
Dances in different styles, songs in various interpretations, folk-character works, or sophisticated compositions. 
The extroversion of Spanish music, the English lute's elegance, the refinement of Italian and French melodies, the genius of Bach, or the immense world of the classical guitar. Mr. Bonavita's interpretations even include improvisations and original compositions. 
All of it is seasoned by interesting stories and anecdotes about the composers and their music.

Here are a few theme's suggestions:

- Spanish, Italian, and French baroque guitar music by Sanz, Murcia, De Visée, Corbetta, Bartolotti…
- The theorbo in the French and Italian baroque by De Visée, Piccinini, Kapsberger, Castaldi…
- Bach and the German Baroque lute. Music by Bach, Flakenhagen, Weiss, and Straube, on the 13-course baroque lute.
- Early and late Baroque Italian music for archlute by Zamboni, Piccinini, Melii, and Kapsberger.
- Vihuela music from Spanish Renaissance, by Narváez, Mudarra, Fuenllana…
- English, Italian, and French Renaissance Lute repertory by Dowland, Attaignant, Da Milano…
- Beautiful unknown music for Renaissance 4-course guitar, by Morlaye, Le Roy, Gorlier, Mudarra, and De Rippe.
- Latin American music featuring Barrios, Brouwer, Villa-Lobos, and others on Classical guitar.

Photo on top: Margarida Araújo

Press photos

Photos by Michal Novák


Stage Plot and Tech Rider

Depending on the location, the concert can be 100% acoustic (no need for P.A.). 
In case of a need for amplification, these are the technical requirements for RAFAEL BONAVITA SOLO RECITAL:
1- Condenser Mic (small capsule)
1- Dynamic mic
1- Monitor
1- Armless Chair
Soft Stage Light

If not on the road already Mr. Bonavita flies from Barcelona Airport.
Get in touch to budget an event. 
Mr. Bonavita takes pride in being kind, flexible, and easy to work with.